Neewer Clamshell Light Reflector with Carry Bag


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  • Two Reversible Fabric Panels
  • Black, Silver, White, and Gold Surfaces
Available on: March 25, 2024

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This Large Clamshell Light Reflector from Neewer measures 61 x 24″ and easily produces clamshell lighting with natural-looking catchlights, making it well suited to portrait photography, in the studio, or on location. Unlike traditional panel-style reflectors that leave unusual catch lights in the eyes, this curved Large” reflector follows the natural curvature of the eyes to bring your subjects to life.

Two reversible fabric panels provide black, silver, white, and gold surfaces for different visual effects.

The all-metal adjustable filter bracket is designed to fit on any standard light stand and can be easily rotated up and down with the adjustment knob. Quickly adjust the angle to provide the light you need.

The durable zippered carrying case is custom-designed to fit each component of the reflector.

  • Two double-sided fabrics with 4 colours (black/silver, white/gold) for 4 visual effects
  • For wedding, portrait, studio, and location lighting
  • Tilting bracket fits standard light stands
  • Widens light spread
  • Eliminates hotspots
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
Reversible Fabric
Arc Length: 65.7″ / 167 cm
Length: 61″ / 155 cm
Width: 24″ / 61 cm
  • Neewer Large Clamshell Light Reflector/Diffuser with Carry Bag (61 x 24″)
  • Reversible Black / Silver Fabric
  • Reversible White / Gold Fabric
  • Carry Bag
  • Arc-Shaped Design
  • Two Reversible Fabric Panels
  • Black, Silver, White, and Gold Surfaces
  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • All-Metal Adjustable Tilt Bracket
  • Carrying Case

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