Neewer 50W Pack of 2 660 RGB LED Light

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  • Sturdy & Stable Stand
  • Dual Power Options



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Neewer 2 Or 3-Pack Dimmable Bi-color 660 Photo Studio LED Video Light with 2m Light Stand 6-pack Rechargeable 6600mAh Battery YouTube.

RGB Lighting Kit: This lighting kit with two 660-LEDRGB panel lights and two adjustable & sturdy light stands provides bright and continuous bi-colour light or RGB light for photography and video filming in or out of your home studio.

Adjustable LED Video Light: With adjustable hue (0–360°), saturation (0–100%), and brightness(0–100%) to get the right colored light with a high CRI of 95 for photography. Coupled with its unique scene effects, the light provides real-life lighting effects for creative filming. The built-in LCD display shows information relating to the current light settings and remaining battery life.

App Control: Use the Neewer app(Supports Android 4.3 or ISO 11.1 and above; please download it in major app stores, such as Apple Store, Google Play, etc) to conveniently turn on/off the light and control the light settings with a smartphone or tablet, a great plus for photography lighting.

Dual Power Options: Powered by the included AC power adapters or NP-F970 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries(not included)—perfect for studio or location shooting.

  • Material: metal.
  • Model: RGB660.
  • LED beads quantity: 320 RGB lamps, 170 cool and 170 warm colour beads.
  • CRI: 97+.
  • Colour: RGB + Two Tone (Cool Colour + Warm Color)
  • LUX: 7000 LUX/0.5M, 2050 LUX/1M.
  • Colour temperature: 3200-5600K±100K
  • Input voltage: DC12-15V.
  • Power: 50 W.
  • Size: 23.2 x 20 x 5 cm.
  • light stand
  • Made of solid metal which makes it strong for your work. Its solid locking options ensure the safety of your lighting devices during use.
  • Maximum height: 2 metres.
  • Minimum height: 92 cm.
  • Tube diameter: 25-22-19 mm.
  • Maximum load capacity: 8 kg.
  • 2 x 660 RGB LED video lights.
  • 2 x white diffuser.
  • 2 x power supply.
  • 2 x power cords.
  • 2 x light stands.
  • 1 x carry bag
  • Colourful Lighting: The RGB660 features 320 RGB, 170 warm white, and 170 cool white LEDs to give you a broad range of RGB colours. With adjustable colour temperature (3200K–5600K), HSI (Hue, Saturation, and Intensity) mode, dimming control, and a high CRI of 95, create any colour and lighting effect easily using this RGB LED panel light.
  • Flexible Setup: The included 4-leaf barn doors effectively shape and direct the light while the two white light diffusers help soften the light for portraits and interviews. Point the light to where you need it using the U-shaped mounting bracket.
  • Easy Control: Control the brightness levels, and colour temperature, and switch channels from up to 65ft/20m away with the Newer app. Or just turn the knobs on the back of the panel lights to adjust the light settings. The LCD clearly shows the brightness, colour temperature, and power status.
  • Sturdy & Stable Stand: The light stands are adjustable from 3ft/0.9m to 6.5 ft/2 m in height. Strong enough to hold the panel lights yet compact enough to take on the go. It’s also easy to set up and use.

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