Lensgo 318C II 2.4GHz Dual Clip on Wireless Lav Microphone


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  • 7 hours on a single charge
  • Easy Automatic Connection & Real-Time Monitoring

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LENSGO 318C II 2.4GHz Dual Clip-on Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Camera Camcorder Android Rechargeable Lapel Mic for Video Recording, Interview TikTok, YouTube, Live Streaming, support double radio, real-time ear monitoring, mobile phone camera computer tablet universal.

The LensGo 318C II dual lapel microphone can receive the sound of two microphones at the same time without interfering with each other. It is ideal for face-to-face interviews, YouTube videos, and other two or one-person shoots.

When using SONY, Canon, and Canon cameras to record through the 318C II, please turn down the camera recording volume.

SONY Camera: Recording volume adjusted to 1/3 of 5; Canon Camera: Record 1/3 th of the last volume bar

To record audio on your smartphone when connected to the 318C II receiver, first please make sure the receiver and transmitter are paired successfully. Second, for IOS, please use the 3.5mm Lightning adapter cable. For Android, please use the Type-C Adapter connection.

To connect the cable or adapter of the mobile phone and camera

For Android phones, please use a 3.5mm Type-c audio adapter cable(not in package) and 3.5mm TRS – TRRS ;

For iPhone, please use a 3.5mm Lightning adapter cable(not in package) and 3.5mm TRS – TRRS;

For a camera, please use a 3.5mm TRS – TRS output cable.

The recording distance for this microphone is 330 ft/100m LOS without obstacles in between.

①Wireless self-priming charging, 7 hours of battery life, RX has a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, which can provide backup power for about 3 hours after two TXs are charged once. Sync charging

②Intelligent noise reduction, clear sound quality, built-in noise reduction chip, strong anti-interference ability, effectively identify the original sound, reduce environmental noise, and still record clearly in noisy environments

③Double-click to turn on/off the reverb, to meet the entertainment live mixing effect, and enjoy the 3D surround sound effect,Press and hold for 3 seconds to connect automatically


④Real-time ear monitoring, during the recording process, real-time monitoring of the sound source to ensure the recording quality.

⑤Small size, easy to carry with you when you go out for shooting,Magnetic shoe clip, portable and easy to install,can be hidden and worn when exercising, the magnetic force is strong and will not sag or fall

⑥100 meters away wireless transmission, face to face in an open environment, low latency, audio and video synchronization

⑦Compatible with different devices on the market, cameras, mobile phones, tablets, computers, recommended collocations, LENSGO Poetry Prompter and shooting stand, can meet your various shooting needs.

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