1x2m Waterproof PVC Product Photography Background Paper

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Please roll after use.

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The PVC / Vinyl material ensures no unsightly creases and folds to remove from your images in post-editing work.
This 1x2m Waterproof PVC Product Photography Background Paper is long-lasting and easy to look after; It can be wiped clean after use and rolled up for storage or travel.

It has many advantages over material or paper backgrounds.

A simple and easy hanging frame that is compact and portable, making it ideal for the mobile photographer or for storage after use.

Its 1x2m size means it is suitable for small to medium-sized products. The uniform colour backdrop can help bring a professional look to your final images.



  • Anti Wrinkle–High-Quality PVC Material to Anti Wrinkle, Package with Hard Tube to Protect from being Damaged during Transport.
  • Waterproof–Waterproof PVC Material, Dry it with a Towel if you Spill Water on it Accidentally.
  • Anti Dirty–Clean any Stain and Dust with a Wet Towel Easily.
  • Anti Reflective–PVC Matte Vinyl to Anti-Reflective, Create an Instant Photo Studio Effect for Photography or Video.
  • Size:100X200cm, Ideal for Portrait, Costume, Jewelry, or any other Object Photography, Perfect for Television, Video Production, and Digital Photography.

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