Prime Lens: Why Do You Need One As a Photographer


What exactly do you know about Prime Lens?

I have been away for a while now but it’s all for good reason. Yours truly is studying more on the subject of photography at Shaw Academy so I can feed you with the right information. This is great news, isn’t it?

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So, Prime Lens (I love them) is a common part of a photographer’s gear. I see them been used a lot here in Ghana by both amateurs and pros. It must be all confusing if you’re venturing into photography as a  novice and you don’t really know the function/ purpose of a prime lens.  When I decided to try out photography, I asked why I needed a prime lens and I was often fed this response, ‘it is a primary part of any photographer’s lens collection, as it delivers high-quality images and gives you a wide aperture range. Just fix one on to your camera and start shooting and you will see the results for yourself’, so without fully understanding what it was, I saved and bought one and although I have not regretted getting it, I find that it’s essential you understand what you’re buying before you do buy it.

In this guide, you will learn;

  • What a Prime Lens is
  • What makes a lens PRIME?
  • Uses of a Prime Lens.
  • Why you should get it.

Download PDF here.

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